Teds Woodworking Review 2021

Teds Woodworking Review Is Legit?

teds woodworking review 2020Honest Truth Reviews presents you latest & exclusive review on Teds Woodworking Review 2021. We will discuss if this is recommended for you or not as there are many program on the internet that not provide the final results as they advertised online.


Imagine you’re an 11-year old kid. Your mother takes you to the candy shop and you’re allowed to pick anything and as much as you want. This is what TedsWoodworking.com means to me. Today we’ll be reviewing Teds Woodworking plans.

Ever since the lockdown started, everyone’s been looking for a hobby of some sort. When it comes to stress relief, nothing beats handcrafted woodworking projects. Especially that buzz and sense of pride you get when you look at something and you say,

“I built it with my own two hands, literally.”

Nowadays almost everyone has access to tools that one can use and build something useful such as a table for the missus or a bunk-bed for the boys. It’s not hard to find supplies to build your project but finding plans and detailed step by step instructions in order to complete your project is indeed difficult.

You can find some free plans on the internet for some simple projects but when doing complex projects, you’re going to have to spare some change. After being scammed by multiple online sites and magazines, I finally stumbled upon Teds Woodworking 16000 plans and without a doubt, it saved me from dying from boredom during the lockdown.

This article will show you all in’s and out’s about Teds Woodworking Review 2021.

What You Can Expect from Teds Woodworking Plans?

This product claims to offer the world’s biggest collection of woodworking projects. According to the ad it includes about 16000 do-it-yourself projects. That seemed normal as it had hundreds of different types of project categories to choose from such as chicken houses, box designs, bedroom units, swing plans, and several others.

I was a bit disappointed when I found out the real number of projects were quite short of that number. But still, there were thousands of projects to do so it didn’t bother me that much. I’ve always wanted to create items that are not mere decoration pieces but can be used around the house or used as gifts.

Most people never manage to finish their first woodwork plans because of insufficient instructions or complex terminologies used, which made them difficult for beginners. But that’s not the case with the Teds Woodworking package. Teds Woodworking plans pdf is available for all customers which aids them in visualizing a project before doing it. Other than that, there are detailed instructions, materials price, cutting lists, and photos that help you get the job done. The amount of material mentioned is not exaggerated so you won’t be overbuying your material.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert Ted Woodworking plans are perfect for you.

Also i have special freebie “teds woodworking plans free pdf” for you right now and its for limited time so act quickly as limited copies are available only.

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About the Author - Who is Ted?

Ted McGrath - Honest Truth ReviewsEver since I’ve discovered these plans, I’ve asked myself one question over and over again.


So, I did a little research work and found out more about Ted. Ted McGrath is a certified Master Woodworker who has over 25 years of experience as a Master Craftsman. He believes in using detailed plans for maximum effectiveness with minimum effort. He runs a technical woodworking class. Other than that he is a writer and he regularly published books and articles on woodworking.

In 2014, he joined Jim Hanks, another master woodworker, and combined their woodworking knowledge to make the world’s biggest collection of woodworking projects.

Why is Teds Woodworking a Level Above everyone else?

Here’s why I think TedsWoodworking is better than its competitors:

● 16000 Plans:
Teds Wood working has 16000 diverse plans for everyone. Irrespective of you being a newbie or an expert, the detailed blueprints and simple step by step instructions come in handy for everyone.

● Digital Files Library
You get Teds Woodworking Member Login which grants your free access to all of Teds furniture plans. You can access all of Ted’s Woodworking plans through DVD by placing an order from the Teds Woodworking Member Login area and it will be shipped to you.

● Downloadable Training Guides and Courses
In addition to DVDs, Teds Woodworking Plans free download option is available to all members. You can avail of these free resources and improve your skills. Using these resources you’ll be able to build any woodworking project easily.

● Exceptional Customer Support
Teds woodworking.com has one of the best customer supports. Most competitors fail to provide a good customer support. But not Ted. Ted’s customer support made all my problems go away in less than 2 days.
This is why Ted Woodworking stands out from the rest.

Teds Woodworking: Legit or Scam?

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There are a number of bloggers saying that Teds Woodworking plans scam people but in my honest opinion, it isn’t perfect and I admit there are some downsides to it but I’m still satisfied with it.

I think the following are some of the reasons why people have had complaints about Teds woodworking plans:

● Lack of Search Index:
It is not easy to find something specific because there are a lot of plans in the Teds Woodworking package and no search index to browse through them. It causes a lot of problems for those who wish to build something specific and are not able to find them in the plans.

● You can not Edit the Plans to your Liking:
None of the projects can be edited according to your needs because they’re in pdf format. Even the ones in DWG/CAD plan viewer can’t be edited even though it says the projects can be modified. This is an another major flaw that was found in common in most of Teds Woodworking plans complaints.

● Not Getting what was Advertised:
According to the ad, there are 16000 Teds woodworking plans but these numbers are exaggerated. The number of plans is not even close to that number.


Teds Woodworking plans originally cost $297 but you can avail all the plans for just $67 from Tedswoodworking.com. This is a limited time offer. There is just a one-time fee and then you get your Teds Woodworking member login which grants you access to thousands of resources.
In addition to that, there are several free books, software and videos available for free as a bonus.

Additional Bonuses

● DWG/CAD Planner:
If you were to buy CAD software, it would cost you around $1500. With Teds Woodworking plans you get access to DWG/CAD planner for free. It can help you create your own plans as well.

● 150 Premium Videos:
Your Teds Woodworking login grants you access to 150 premium videos for free. You get lifetime access to these videos for free which typically would’ve cost you $77.

● How to Start a Woodworking Business:
“How to Start a Woodworking Business” by Ted McGrath is free with Teds Woodworking plans. Its price is $27 but Ted is giving it for free with his Teds Woodworking package. It is a great guide for those who wish to start a woodworking business of their own one day.

● Complete Woodworking Guides:
Over 200 pages of tips and tricks with detailed diagrams and step by step instructions to hone your skills. It costs $37 but it is available for free if you buy Teds Woodworking plans. Honestly, I think this is a wonderful deal.

Pros and Cons of Teds Woodworking plans


● Detailed diagrams and photos
● Step by Step instructions and videos
● Detailed list and quantity of materials
● Lifetime access to infinite resources
● Available in digital format
● Projects for beginners and well as experts
● List of woodworking tools you’ll need
● New content is published regularly
● Thousands of plans to choose from
● Hundreds of different categories of plans
● Easy to follow
● Budget-friendly
● Expensive CAD software for free
● Additional bonuses available for free
● 60 days money-back guarantee


● Plans are not editable
● Difficulty searching for something specific because of lack of a search index
● Downloads take time because of their size
● Some videos are of low quality

Testimonial From Verified Buyer

Teds Woodworking Review 2021: An Honest Customer Opinion-Final Word!

After being scammed by several magazines and wasting several dollars, I finally discovered Tedswoodworking.com and I think Teds Woodworking plan is a wonderful product. If I had discovered it sooner it would’ve saved me a lot of time and money. Whether you treat woodworking as a hobby or you’ve taken it up as a career, I think this product is just amazing for everyone and for people of all skill levels.

The detailed diagrams, step by step instructions, digital resources, videos and all the other guides make it a must-have product if you’re a woodworking enthusiast. The additional bonuses make it a great bargain considering their original price is around $300. Many professional carpenters estimate this product’s price to be thousands of dollars but it only costs $67. Ted won’t be keeping his price this low for too long so I suggest you buy it while it is still available at this price tag.

It wasn’t that hard a decision to make to buy this product after reading several positive reviews of this product. In my opinion, it would be a mistake to not buy this product.

Hope you have found this Teds Woodworking Review 2021 review article very helpful.

Teds Woodworking Review 2021
Teds Woodworking Review 2021

Honest Truth Reviews presents you latest & exclusive review on Teds Woodworking Review 2021. We will discuss if this is recommended for you or not as there are many program on the internet that not provide the final results as they advertised online.

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